GPS to Maps functions

IsatPhone GPS position email to Google Maps functions:

The IsatPhone can email or SMS the user's GPS position to recipients or a Twitter feed.

The received GPS position email or Twitter 'tweet' can be pasted into the block below to see where the user was sending the message from:

IsatPhone Personal Alert format:

Type or Copy/Paste your email/SMS Person Alert GPS string (Decimal format) into the empty block below, eg.:


Then select one of the options below:



IsatPhone GPS menu format (DMS format):

Then select one of the options below:



Example for IsatPhone GPS menu format (DMS format):

Below is an example email from an IsatPhone.

You can test with this example if you don't have an IsatPhonePRO or IsatPhone2 yet. Or if you receive an GPS SMS, you can use the example as a template and alter the co-ordinates accordingly:

GPS fix

Lat: S 33 54' 12''
Long: E 18 24' 40''
Time: 12:02:10 UTC
Date: 22-05-2011
Altitude: 5 m
Velocity: 0 km/h

Horiz:  4 m
Vert:  6 m

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