IsatPhone2 Firmware Upgrade

Version 1.12.0 of the firmware for the IsatPhone2 has been released. 

If you purchased an IsatPhone2 from Zippisat before March 2015, you will need to upgrade the firmware to version 1.5.0. or 1.8.1 or later (1.12.0).

Note: Version 1.4.1, 1.5.0 and 1.8.1 contains some fixes and improves security by encrypting the communication between the handset and the network. 

It is always recommend to upgrade to the latest version, which is 1.12.0 (not mandatory, but recommended).

If you would like to check on which firmware your IsatPhone2 currently is, please go to MENU>SETTINGS>ABOUT.  It should be version 1.8.1. (or later e.g. 1.12.0)

It is not advisable to use the CD that came with the phone since it might be outdated.  Rather use the latest files from the updated links in the upgrade email or the links below. You need a Windows PC to use the firmware upgrade tool (you cannot use a Mac or Linux system).

Make sure your IsatPhone2 battery is over 40% charged. You can use any micro-USB cable for the upgrade e.g. the micro-USB cable that was supplied with the IsatPhone2.

You can download the latest USB drivers, Firmware Upgrade Tool, firmware, release notes, User-Guides and How-To documents from: , or use the download links in the following 3 STEPS (1-3):

Save these compressed files onto your computer, then extract (right click "extract"), then run the install programs (Setup.exe and FirmwareUpgradeTool.exe). Start with the USB drivers, then Firmware upgrade tool, then the latest firmware as described in the next procedure.

Information on this page is for the IsatPhone2, not the IsatPhonePro.  The USB drivers, upgrade tool and firmware for these 2 phones are not compatible. See for the IsatPhonePro upgrade procedure.

Upgrade Procedure:


Download and install the USB drivers:

Hint: For Windows 8 & 10, or when struggling to install USB driver, right click on the Setup.exe application. Select Properties, Run As Administrator, Set Compatibility Mode, for All Users to Windows 7.  Then run the Setup.exe application. (It might be required to also Disable UAC (User Account Control) in Control Panel>Users.)


Download and install the firmware upgrade tool in the following file: IsatPhone2_FirmwareUpgradeTool.exe


Disconnect the IsatPhone2 from the PC if it is still connected.

Download and extract the firmware in the following file:  prod-build-Isat2-V01.12.00-DFU.fp2
(note the location where you extracted the firmware e.g. the Desktop or My Documents folder)

Start the "IsatPhone2 firmware upgrade tool" by going to "Start > All Programs > IsatPhone 2 > IsatPhone 2 firmware upgrade tool".

Select the firmware upgrade package from the location where you extracted it to.  Then follow the instructions.

When it gives you the message that the upgrade is complete, you can check the new version is successfully installed (MENU>SETTINGS>ABOUT).  It should be version 1.8.1. or later e.g. 1.12.0.

Congratulations, your IsatPhone2 is now upgraded! 

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