Launched in mid 2010 by Inmarsat, the IsatPhonePro satellite telephone is our most attractively priced satellite product, providing excellent coverage in remote places where cellular or landline communication are non-existent, or where cellular roaming fees may be too high.

The IsatPhonePro offers various features, including clear voice calls, SMS, short email messages and GPS functions - all packaged in a neat and durable design.

The IsatPhonePro is distributed by Zippisat at a very affordable price, making ownership an attractive alternative to the cost and logistics of renting.

Now with a "Personal Alert" function. When you press * and # together for 2 seconds, your GPS co-ordinates and a predefined message will be sent to up to 10 email or SMS recipients.

You can also send and receive Twitter feeds with the IsatPhonePro's SMS function.


IsatPhonePro Resources:

Download the IsatPhonePro Overview document here.

Download the IsatPhonePro User's Guide document here.

Download the IsatPhonePro Quick Start Guide document here.

Download the IsatPhonePro coverage map here.

See how the IsatPhonePro compares to other satellite phone options here.

Browse Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

See how to send a message or Twitter tweets to an IsatPhonePro here.

Download the latest Firmware and Guides for IsatPhonePro here. The CD's software might be outdated.

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 !!!! SOLD OUT !!!!! 

No more stock availbiile.  Please enquire if we should contact customers for 2nd hand units.


Various car and indoor docking stations are available for the IsatPhonePro.

Important Firmware Notice:

Inmarsat released a mandatory firmware (version 5.8.0) update that should be applied to the IsatPhonePro a.s.a.p.

Subsequently version 5.11.0 was release with some additional minor bug fixes.

This mandatory firmware upgrade will provide better utilisation of network resources (including the new Alphasat satellite above EMEA). 

Without firmware 5.8.0. or 5.11.0 your IsatPhonePro might not connect to the network is all locations.

Find more info on how to do the IsatPhonePro firmware upgrades here.

Please contact Zippisat for assistance with the upgrades.

Latest Firmware for IsatPhonePro:

The firmware version 5.8.0 contains important fixes for 'sporadic connection issues'. Zippisat recommends that all IsatPhonePro customers upgrade to version 5.8.0 or later (e.g. 5.11.0) to avoid network registration problems in certain areas.

You do not have to re-install the USB drivers and Firmware Upgrade Tool if these were already installed for a previous upgrade. 

The latest firmware is version 5.11.0.  This firmware includes some bug fixes.

Find the release notes for the mandatory 5.8.0 firmware here.

Find the release notes for the new 5.11.0 firmware here.

Find more info on how to do the IsatPhonePro firmware upgrades here.

Please contact Zippisat for assistance with the upgrades.


The IsatPhonePro uses the reliable Inmarsat I-4 and Alphasat satellite network.

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